Golden Pixel Company presents


ULTRAFIGHT is a player vs player video game developed in 2022. In 1974, when Maze War, the first online game had just been released, a bug took hold in every computer matrix. Two players were created: Blue and Red. For nearly forty years the two clashed in a relentless fight. These fights always ended up in a draw, until 2022, when they discovered the existence of the Golden Pixel. It was the source of an unlimited power. The legend says that Rene Descartes founded the Golden Pixel while he was building the Pascaline. That was 300 years before the first computer was released. If one of the players grabbed the pixel, they could annihilate the other in a blink of an eye. From time to time, a computing rift opens, under the name of ULTRAFIGHT: a gigantic maze in the dark where the Golden Pixel is housed. The two players compete today in the arena and its mini-games, hoping to recover the Golden Pixel.

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Developed by Hugo Bijaoui